The Five Love Languages

Image Credit: Country Living Magazine

Image Credit: Country Living Magazine

When I first read The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts, by Dr. Gary Chapman, it rocked my world. Seriously- it was such a succinct explanation of the different ways that people need to be loved. I didn’t realize that often, the way that we love others is a direct reflection of how we crave to be loved! (Mind. Blown.) If you haven’t read the book, it’s a pretty quick read, and I am telling you, your relationship with your partner (and yourself) will be better for it! Chapman has also written a book that applies the love language research to relationships with your children!

I was thinking about the Mother’s Day Portrait Promotion and how portrait sessions really are the perfect gift- whether you are treating yourself, or someone else, our process ensures that we touch all five love languages. No matter who is participating, the experience will add fuel to their love tank! It just doesn’t get better than that!

Let me explain this a little further.

  1. Time Spent: Let’s face it- it’s rare that we get uninterrupted time with our families. Most of us balance a pretty busy schedule, and let’s not even get started on the impact of technology on relationships. A portrait session gives a family a window of time where there are no distractions. Everyone is together in one place, the cellphones are put away, and you can just enjoy the company of those that matter the most!

  2. Physical Touch: We encourage you to hold your loved ones a little closer during your session- lean in to your spouse, let your littles snuggle up beside you, wrap your mom in a hug. We will direct you through poses that capture your connection in a beautiful and authentic way.

  3. Words of Affirmation: You will hear nothing but positive and kind words during your session, and we encourage you to use this time to spread the love as well! A lot of care goes into the preparation of each session- the ladies have been pampered with hair and makeup and everyone’s clothing has been selected with care. Everyone brings their best self to photoshoots- what a great day for an extra compliment!

  4. Acts of Service: Fellas, this one's for you. Simply booking this experience for the special people in your life is a big deal. We know that portrait sessions aren’t always your idea of fun, but we appreciate it when you recognize just how important this experience is and you participate whole-heartedly.

  5. Gifts: We have a full line of beautiful products that will perfectly capture your day spent together! From handcrafted albums, to custom wall-art, we have something that will suit every taste!

Mother’s Day is in a few short days- give yourself, or the special woman in your life, the gift of portraits. Give the gift of pampering, of time spent. Give the experience of a lifetime! For more information, click here.

Want to learn more about love languages? Start with this free quiz!



Whitney Collins