Model for a Day: Avary

“Sass, style, beauty and grace. These portraits captured Avary perfectly and we couldn’t love them more!”

-Jenny, Avary’s Mom

If you are a Savannah native, I am sure you are just as shocked as I am that it is SO HOT already! I mean, it’s usually getting pretty toasty by this time, but it seems like it doesn’t hit the 100’s until later in the summer. To be completely honest, dance sessions are one of the few session types I feel comfortable doing right now. Considering the temps have already soared into the 100’s, it’s just a really tough time for outdoor only portrait sessions.

While working with our dance clients, their safety is our number one priority! The “Model for a Day” photoshoot is the perfect format for summer sessions- it allows us to do outdoor segments in little snippets so the model (and everyone else) doesn’t get too hot. We shoot about 45 minutes in each outfit, and make sure that we find shade as much as possible. Then we head back to the studio, reset, and shoot inside for a bit so everyone can cool down.

The Model for a Day photoshoot is an extended session that was created just for our tween, teen and senior clients with the goal of making them feel like celebrities! It includes a six hour shoot, up to five outfit changes, and three locations. Shea stays on set with us to apply touch-ups as well as change up the hair and makeup as needed. This format allows for great variety in each gallery! From the studio, to the alleyways, to the beach, we are able to capture different facets of each client’s personality!

When we plan these sessions, we begin with the end in mind. The beach at sunset has been a very popular request, so we know that we will wrap the session around 8:15. If we are finishing at the beach, the client generally arrives at 1pm to allow plenty of time for travel!

Avary’s shoot took place right before it got super hot, so we were able to stay outside a bit longer for her outdoor looks- but here is an example of how our Model for a Day shoots go! You can see that you can get variety just by including accessories!

  1. Hair and makeup

  2. Blue leo/jean shorts-  The Lucas Theater & a parking garage

  3. Quick change & a red lip!

  4. Red tutu/leather jacket- Factor’s Walk

  5. Hair change!

  6. Red tutu and bun

  7. Hair and makeup total refresh & cooldown

  8. Cream Tulle- Studio

  9. Pink Tulle- Beauty shot on the beach

  10. Hair change

  11. Rust Dress- Dance portrait on the beach + silhouettes

  12. Wrap!

Avary’s mom shared that the portraits “captured Avary perfectly”- her “sass, style, beauty and grace.” I can’t wait to help design wall-art for Avary’s new room!

Whitney Collins