Debunking the Dirty Hair Myth

I am sure I am not the only one that grew up hearing that dirty hair is easier to style. I’m not sure where this myth originated, but one of the most frequently asked questions we get from clients is when, exactly, they should wash their hair before their shoot. Many clients are shocked when we say to just follow their normal routine, and wash it the same day if that’s where you are in your hair care routine.

Somehow, this dirty hair myth has become the common belief, but y’all, I am here to tell you that it’s time to let this go. (Just to be clear, dirty hair is hair that has had product of any kind in it, has been styled already, or just plain hasn’t been washed for days.)

Myth: Your hair won’t hold an updo if it’s “too clean” because it’s too “slippery.”

Fact:  Professional products used today are made to add texture and “grit” to clean hair allowing your stylist to create the exact look you desire.

If your hair is oily, or already has product in it, the stylist cannot use her products as they need to be used. Trust me on this- your hair will be MORE slippery if it’s oily and it will be less manageable. Your updo will also not have as much volume at the roots, which is a must-have to achieve today’s most popular styles!

Myth: Your hair won’t hold curl if it’s “too clean” because…. (I actually don’t even know what the thinking behind this is)

Fact: Your stylist can add lift and body to clean roots by using professional products. Dirty hair prevents those products from working correctly.

At WCP, we love voluminous hair! We love when the hair is lifted just a bit at the roots so it doesn’t look slicked down to your scalp. We won’t go full on Glamour Shots circa 1993, but Just a little bit of “oomph” goes a long way in the final result of your images. It is not always possible to get “oomph” with dirty hair. Again, your stylist is a pro and she knows what to put in your hair to get it to look perfect! If your hair doesn’t hold curl, we will hit it with the curling iron more frequently, which on-set touch-ups allows us to do!

Myth: Hair that is “too clean” won’t hold a style as long.

Fact: Your hairstyle will last longer with clean hair because it is not weighed down by multiple days of environment and dry shampoo.

Again, we’ve got your back. On-set touch-ups guarantee your look will last!

Myth: I don’t need to wash my hair because the stylist can freshen it up with dry shampoo.

Fact: Y’all, I say this with love, there is only so much dry shampoo can do. While it can absolutely get you through that third day pony before you just HAVE to wash it, it cannot turn dirty hair into a camera-ready style

So WHEN should you actually wash your hair?

We are here to help you look and feel your best! We want your imagery to live up to your expectations and this starts with how you prepare for your shoot. To help make this easier, we are now offering a blow-dry before your shoot so that professional product can be added while your hair is wet. Seriously, all you need to do is hop in the shower, wash and condition your hair, moisturize your face, and come our way!

We can’t wait to see you soon!



Whitney Collins